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13 - 16 MaySkeppsudden

Planet Magic Ecstasy - Planet ME 

Come to our planet for a queer kinky dance experience!

Planet ME is an invitation to a world that we long for. We all carry our different truths, and this is our way to invite you onboard to our vision. On Planet ME, the whole you are welcome; what you were, what you are, and what you can become. Here we can express what truly thrills us, what we desire, and what our ancestors are bringing forward to us. 

On Planet ME it will be possible to explore and deepen whatever wants to be expanded, as well as letting go of that which no longer serves us. Playful conscious kink, dance and tantric practices become a crossroad between Queerness, BDSM, and Spirituality.

On Planet ME we embrace our fears and invite healing. In the present moment, we visit our earnest depth as well as our most ecstatic play. The borders between reality, ancestry, and fantasy make less sense. 

On Planet ME, you are welcome to a space of facilitated play where we can move beyond gender, sexuality, race, and other limiting norms of society. 

Planet ME is sober and drug-free. Here we don’t eat meat and we speak the languages of consciousness, consent, play, intimacy, honesty, and English. 

We’re hoping to see you at Planet ME!

/Li Storm, Lady Zafira & Pontus Grace

How do I join?

On Planet ME our population is diverse. People of all colors, who are trans, cis, unicorns, and aliens, who are young and old and come from different corners of our physical and social world. To achieve this beautiful mix, you are invited to apply to join our planet by filling out an application form where you will be asked to share a little bit about yourself. Once the application is received, you will hear from us shortly.

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, May 13th - Opening ritual, getting to know each other, setting boundaries and intentions

Friday, May 14th: Facilitated play & dance celebration

Saturday, May 15th: Kinky workshops and play night

Sunday, May 16th: Love spa and closing ceremony

All you need to know


Ascension weekend - May 13 - May 16, 2021

Check-in Thursday at 17h. Departure Sunday at 15h.


Skeppsudden (near Norrköping), Sweden. A stunningly beautiful retreat center just by the Baltic Sea with a large secluded garden, sauna, home-cooked vegetarian food, and shared bedrooms. Private rooms are available.


The retreat on Planet ME has a sliding scale of payments. There are limited amounts of tickets for each level, apply early to make sure paying according to your needs. 

Many people are already applying for the scholarship tickets, we would love to grant the people who are really in need. For that to happen we ask anyone who can, to instead pay full price and for you with the means to choose the Solidarity price.

  • Level 1: 3500 SEK Scholarship for people with low income. This is a subsidized price and lower than the actual costs for one of the inhabitants. 
  • Level 2: 4800 SEK Full price for people with regular income. This covers the actual costs for one inhabitant. 
  • Level 3: 6100 SEK Solidarity price for people with the means. This covers the actual costs for one inhabitant and supports a scholarship. 

The prices include a non-refundable registration fee of 400 SEK and everything that happens at the retreat, all meals, and a single bed in a dorm. You can pay 900 SEK extra for a bed in a single or double room (please email once you have a confirmed spot)

After applying and receiving your acceptance e-mail you will be asked to pay within 14 days. We accept Swish, Bank transfer, or PayPal. Let us know if you need to negotiate when to pay.

Cancellation policy

A full refund will be given (except the non-refundable registration fee of 400 SEK) up until April 18th. If you need to cancel your participation after May 1st, we kindly ask you to look for someone who can take your place unless we have a waiting list for the retreat. If the event is canceled by us you will get all your money back including the registration fee.

Corona policy:

We kindly ask you to meet at least one of the following categories:

1. I have already had Covid and most likely, therefore, have antibodies

2. I have received a vaccination against Covid

3. I have cared to avoid contact with people at least a week before arriving on our planet4. I have taken a test with a negative result for Covid 1 or 2 days before arrival 

We trust that this will happen so there are no documents of proof required.

We are delighted to Looking forward to having you on this adventure!

Questions and Answers about Planet ME

Why is it drug-free and sober?

  • We believe in sober ecstasy, together we can build a space of trust and expansion where no drugs are needed.

I am trans, will I feel welcome?

  • Yes! We who are inviting you to this planet are trans and non-binary and welcome you with open hearts.

I am cis, will I feel welcome?

  • This is a space for all, but you should be open and curious to explore what can be found outside the cis norms.

I am a PoC (Person of Color), will I feel welcome?

  • We warmly welcome People of Color at Planet ME. The retreat takes place in Sweden where we have a predominantly white population, and a lot to improve when it comes to safety and visibility for PoC in sex-positive spaces. We will do everything we can to attract a diverse population to our Planet and the more different you feel, the more welcome you are.

Do I have to be open to meet people of all genders?

  • We welcome and encourage gender fluidity. We are here to meet outside the gender norms and to explore connection on both an energetic level as well as a physical. However, consent is practiced at all times and you can always choose to step out or ask for a partner change.

Can I come with a partner?

  • Yes, you can. However, the weekend is about creating a playful group experience. If you and your partner are looking for a romantic weekend on your own there are hopefully other planets for you :) 

How about your accessibility awareness?

  • If you have any disabilities please contact us beforehand and we will do our best to support you in your needs. Unfortunately, our venue is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Will this change my life? 

  • Inhabiting new planets might have life-changing effects, however, no guarantee can be given.

I have further questions!

  • Please contact us at

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Organizers/Space Holders

Li Storm
Dancer & Lust Coach

Li works as a dancer as well as a movement and intimacy coach and aims to change the way the world perceives sexuality. As a queer and gender fluid, Li's main goal is to bring people to an embodied experience of feeling that our lust and pleasure is born from within us instead of coming from the other. We can invite and allow joy and ecstasy, as supposed to waiting for people to bring it to us. Pleasure can never be lost at the end of a relationship or encounter; it lives inside of us in abundance.

Li brings in her tools from Conscious kink, Tantra, Traditional African Dances and Rituals, Improvised dance forms, Dance and movement therapy and Somatic trauma therapy.

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Pontus Grace

Pontus Grace is a trained Urban Tantra guide and a licenced psychologist that believes in the transformative power of kinky play. They are an actor, conductor and teacher in improvised Playback Theatre. Pontus Grace is also a catalyst at Ekskäret Klustret Stockholm, a space supporting inner and outer growth that matters.

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Lady Zafira

Lady Zafira is a trans witch who loves rituals, sex magic and hormonal dominance. They have been in the BDSM scene for 15+ years and work as an artist, sex educator and ritualist. Lady Zafira is based in Stockholm where they run the Center for Radical Sexuality, CRS, together with their family.

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Organized by

Li Storm, Lady Zafira & Pontus Grace